If you are interested in having a group visit the library or having library staff visit your institution, please fill out the form attached to the link below.

Please note the following:

  1. Requests must be made within 2 weeks of a requested date.
  2. Making a request does not guarantee a visit.
  3. Requesting a particular date/time does not guarantee that date/time.
  4. Visits to the library will only occur during open hours.
  5. All requests will be subject to staff availability and library policy.

Someone will get back to you within 3 business days of making a request. Please refer to the descriptions below when choosing a type of visit. Thank you for your interest!

Storytime: a half hour of stories, songs, and rhymes! Best suited for ages 8 and under.

Library Tour: a library staff member will show your group around the library, highlighting service points, collections, and other things we offer.

School Field Trip: bring your class to the library for a customized visit relative to your curriculum.

Booktalk: get expert library staff recommendations for materials of all kinds.

Library Services Presentation: a library staff member will teach your group about specific library services and resources.

WPL Promotional Table at Your Event: invite us to represent the library at your community event.

Promotional Table at the Library: request space to promote your institution at the library.

Book Discussion Group: request library staff participation in a book discussion group.