For the Student

  1. Students must fill out the online form to schedule a date for an online exam. Requests must be made five days ahead for an online exam and up to two weeks ahead for mailed in exams.
  2. Students must fill out the online form to schedule an appointment to proctor an exam. Complete contact information must be provided.
  3. The student must inform the educational institution about the library’s arrangement for proctoring (listed below) before the exam will be scheduled.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the librarian has received the exam materials before the scheduled test.
  5. If the exam is online, the student must provide their own laptop with wireless connectivity. The library cannot provided computers for time-limit and security software reasons. The library, however, can provide a wireless internet connection. The student should test the wireless connectivity before the exam date. The library does not have any back-up equipment and the wireless connection could potentially be “down.”

For the Educational Institution

  1. It is not possible for the librarian to remain in the room or study table during the exam. The student will be monitored with periodic visual checks.
  2. The library has study rooms that can be reserved in advance for the exam taking. If the room is not available, usually space can be found at a library table. Currently library tables are only available.
  3. If the exam is online, the student must provide their own laptop with the ability to connect to the library’s wireless network. The library cannot provide computers for time-limit and security software reasons.

Please click the link below to be redirected to our proctoring calendar.  By clicking the link, you are agreeing to the exam proctoring guidelines.  

On the next page you will select a day and a start time.  The exam must be completed during library open hours. Once a time is requested, a Librarian will contact you about whether we can fulfill your request.  Your appointment is not finalized until you receive a confirmation from library staff.